Staff Directory


Name Position Ext
Deibert, Ann Chief Executive Officer 2329
Jaime, Anna VP Real Estate Management 2322
Jannis, Peter Chief Financial Officer
Joyce, Parnell Chief Operating Officer 2342
Chapman, Iryna Human Resources Manager 2333
Nabibaksh, Ryzwan
Director of Information Technology
Roldan, Nivia Assisted Housing Director - Compliance
 Garcia, Tiffany
Assisted Housing Director  - Special Programs
 De La Rosa, Marie
Assisted Housing Director  - HCV

Administrative Support


Name Position  Ext
Thomas, Timothy
Investigator 1352
Wannop, Frank Information Systems Technician 1357
Yu, Jiunnhorng (Alex) System Administrator



Name Position  Ext
Joyce, Parnell Chief Development Officer 2342
Morgan, Derick Construction Manager 2327
Sipala, Bill Construction Manager 1310
Szugajew, Noah Development Administrator 2350

Housing Counseling


Name Position Ext
Brown, Phyllis Housing Counselor  2304
Cruz, Nora Housing Counselor 2318

Real Estate Management


Name Position Ext
Jackson, Curvis
Regional Property Manager: College Gardens 1900
Jackson, Curvis
Regional Property Manager: Griffin Gardens 1560
Cabrera-Pujols, Gilbert Maintenance Repairperson 1900
Diaz-Dicke, Rosalie Real Estate Management Administrator 1695 
Barrios, Elizabeth
Assistant Property Manager: Everglades   1365
Epps-Ellison, Bonny Assistant Property Manager: Meyers 1470
Fox, Ernesto       Maintenance Repairperson 1470
Jackson, Curvis Regional Property Manager: Highland Gardens 1440
Jackson, Curvis Regional Property Manager: Park Ridge  1480
Jaime, Anna VP Real Estate Management 2322
Lasorte, George Maintenance Repairperson 1441
Scott, Caprice
Assistant Property Manager: Highland Gardens/Park Ridge 1440
McCrillis, Ken HVAC Technician 1510 
Perry, Sheneeka Resident Relations Assistant 1473
Branchedor, Marie Maintenance Repairperson 1481
Pinkney, Tisha
Resident Relations Manager
Real, Rosa
Assistant Property Manager: Griffin Gardens
Scott, Caprice Leasing Coordinator 1690
Jackson, Curvis
Regional Property Manager: Everglades 1470
Jackson, Curvis Regional Property Manager: Meyers 1590
Spencer, Latasha Maintenance Aide 1561
Torres, Luis Maintenance Repairperson 1470
Warren, Charles Maintenance Repairperson 1441
Whitter, Clive Maintenance Repairperson 1591



Name Position  Ext
Ayton, Winsome Accounting Specialist III 1347
Jailal, Rani Accounting Specialist I 1354
Jannis, Peter Chief Financial Officer 1323
Mowatt, Beverly Junior Accountant 1346
Palmer, Teisha Accounting Specialist I 1366
Richards, Stacie-Ann Procurement Specialist 1513
Williams, Denese Controller 1313
Allen, Lelieka  Insurance/Accounting Assistant  1316

Assisted Housing 


Name Position Ext
Albano, Megan Supervisor - HCV
Anderson, Tadessa
Occupancy Specialist
Polanco, Dayana Intake Specialist 1365
Stubbs, Cheryl Occupancy Specialist 1364
Bennett, Eulonda Occupancy Specialist 1301
Boyd, Lekisha Inspection Scheduler 1307
Carter, Nicole
Occupancy Specialist
Conti, Lori Occupancy Specialist 1309
Cuddemi, Robin Supervisor of Special Programs 1369
De La Rosa, Marie Assisted Housing Manager 1356
Hill, Maneashia Family Self-Sufficiency Case Manager 2357
Driver, Taia Intake Specialist 1367
Fleisher, Barry Supervisor of Inspections  1353 
Frazier, Laletha Compliance Specialist/Team Lead 1368
Freeman, Valerie Family Self-Sufficiency Manager 2345 
Garcia, Tiffany Assisted Housing Manager 1328
Gardner, Vincent
HUD-VASH Housing Liaison
Gaston, Cheryl Ann Family Self-Sufficiency Case Manager  1372 
Hanson, Lynn Program Support 1363
Forero, Sandra
Occupancy Specialist
Hosang, Hilda Client Services Supervisor 1324
Charles, Martine
 Office Clerk/Receptionist
LaMotta, John Property Inspector 1308
Laroche-Bhimsain, Marjorie Occupancy Specialist 1362
Lee, Grace Family Self-Sufficiency Case Manager 1512
Lewis, Michelle
Occupancy Specialist
Longmore, Richard Occupancy Specialist 1338
Lorenzo, Santos Property Inspector 1339
Marrero-Rivas, Ivette
 Program Assistant
 Maura, Natalie
 Occupancy Specialist
Miles, Renee Quality Assurance/Quality Control Specialist 1334
Millan, Edwin Occupancy Specialist 1319
Morris, Christopher Portability Specialist 1345
Munoz, Alfred Occupancy Specialist 1305
Ortiz, Maria Inspection Assistant 1344
Osorio, Nilda
Program Assistant
Patterson, Teresa
Special Programs Manager
Pena, Silvia Occupancy Specialist 1333
Reid-Livingstone, Meggan Intake Team Lead/Wait List Coordinator 1345
Rhone, Marsha
Intake Specialist
Rickard, Shernette Occupancy Specialist 1326
Roldan, Nivia VP Assisted Housing  1330
Rosa, Delfina Occupancy Specialist 1349
Salgueiro, Anita Occupancy Specialist 1340
Smith, Glenda Occupancy Specialist 1355
Umana, Jorge Property Inspector 1329
Walter, George Property Inspector 1351
Wellington, Wayne Property Inspector 1336
Wimbley, Joshua Occupancy Specialist 1335