Employee Code of Ethics

To avoid misunderstandings and conflicts of interest, which could arise, the following policies shall be adhered to be employees of the Broward County Housing Authority.  This policy is in accordance with Chapter 112: Part III of the Florida Statues entitled "Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees".

A. No Employee shall accept any gift, favor, or service.

B. No employee shall use or attempt to use his/her position to secure special privileges or exemptions for himself/herself or others, except as may be provided by policy and/or law.

C. No employee shall accept employment or engage in business or professional activity, which he/she might reasonably expect, would require or induce him/her to disclose confidential information acquired by him/her by reason of his/her official position.

D. No employee shall disclose confidential information gained by reason of his/her official position, nor shall he/she otherwise use such information for his/her personal gain or benefit.

E. No employee shall transact any business in his/her official capacity with any business entity of which he/she is an officer, director, agent or member or in which he/she owns a controlling interest.