Housing Choice Voucher Application Process

The Housing Choice Voucher program is not currently accepting applications  The waiting list is now closed.

When the list is open, notice will be provided on this website and in local newspapers.  Persons wishing to apply for the program may complete a pre-application at that time  Pre-applications are only available when the wait list is open.

Submission of a pre-application does not guarantee a family a spot on the wait list.  Due to the high level of interest in the voucher program, BCHA will use a random lottery system to select 3000 names from all pre-applications submitted and those selected pre-applications will be placed on the wait list.  The time and date of receipt of the pre-application during the wait list opening has no bearing on whether an application will be selected. There is no need or advantage to apply immediately after the wait list opens.  In fact, those who do may experience slower response times from the on-line systems. Families will be listed on the wait list in the order determined by their selection in the random lottery. 

***NOTE*** There is no application fee for the Housing Choice Voucher Program operated by the Broward County Housing Authority.

Some older versions of smartphones and tablets may not be compatible with our application. If you are having problems filling out the application on one of these portable devices please complete your application on a computer.

Program Eligibility

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program:

  • An applicant must qualify as an individual or family as defined by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Head of household must be at least 18 years of age at the time of this pre-application or an emancipated minor by a court of competent jurisdiction, consistent with Florida law.
  • At the time of admission the family must have annual income that does not exceed the established income limits according to the maximum income by family size established by HUD.  The maximum eligible income limit per household is as follows:
    Number of persons in household 1 2
     3  4  5  6  7  8
    Annual Income
     $29,500  $33,700  $37,900  $42,100  $45,500  $48,850  $52,250  $55,600
  • Applicant and all adult members of the family must pass a criminal background check at time of admission.
  • Applicant or any member of the family that has ever been convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine on the premises of any federally-assisted housing or any family household member that is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program will not be eligible for housing assistance.
  • Applicant and all members of the family must provide documentation of social security numbers for all family members or certify that they do not have social security numbers at the time of initial eligibility interview.
  • Applicant and all members of the family must meet HUD requirements on citizenship or immigration status.
  • Applicant or any member of the family who currently owes rent or other amounts to BCHA or any other housing authority will not be offered assistance until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

 How Do I Apply?

Persons wishing to apply for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program must complete an on-line pre-application when the wait list is open.  The on-line pre-application is available in both English and Spanish.  Printed pre-applications will not be available.  

The pre-application contains questions designed to obtain information about the names, social security numbers and birth dates of members of the household, household total income, and such basic contact information as a mailing address, phone number, and email address (if you have one).  Each household may apply only once.  Duplicate or incomplete pre-applications will not be accepted.  Pre-applications may be completed anywhere internet access is available.

Pre-applications may be submitted at any time that the wait list is open.  Applicants will receive a confirmation after successfully submitting their application.  Important note: You should write down the confirmation number, print the confirmation screen, or take a picture of the screen with your cell phone.  This confirmation number may be used to track your pre-application and check on your status after the wait list has closed.

 How Will I Know If I Have Been Selected By The Lottery?

After the waiting list closes, the random lottery will be processed.  You may go to the Application Checker to find out if your pre-application was selected.  To check your status you will need either your Social Security Number or Confirmation Number AND Date of Birth. You will then be informed if you have been selected by the random lottery.  Those families whose applications have been selected during the lottery will also receive a letter stating the number they have been assigned.

If you are not selected, please visit our resources page to learn about other housing options.

How Do I Report Household Changes?


If you have been selected in the lottery, the Applicant Portal will be used to check your number on the wait list and update your mailing address and contact information.

It is especially important that applicants inform BCHA of any change of address, household composition, and income.  Such changes must be reported to BCHA within 15 days.  Please set up your account on the Applicant Portal to report personal information changes such as mailing address and phone number.

When Will I Receive My Voucher?

When a family reaches the top of the wait list, a full application must be completed.  BCHA conducts a formal in-person interview and requests the various verifications required by HUD and BCHA.  After the application process is complete and all information is verified, the family's final eligibility for issuance of a voucher is determined.

A family that is issued a voucher has the choice and responsibility of finding their own suitable housing where the owner agrees to rent under the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  All rentals must meet the HUD established Housing Quality Standards and the rent must be equivalent to comparable market units.  Program participants may choose to rent an apartment, townhome, or single family home in a neighborhood of their choice within BCHA's jurisdiction.