Participants Q and A

I have a Housing Choice Voucher and need an extension.  How do I get an extension?

You must contact your Occupancy Specialist and request the extension.

Can I select an apartment that is larger or smaller that the one determined by the Housing Authority?

Yes, providing it does not violate HUD's Housing Quality Standrds (HQS) space requirement, which allows at most two persons per bedroom or living/sleeping room. The Housing Authority must always use the smaller of the voucher bedroom size or the actual unit size to determine subsidy. Example: You have a 2-bedroom Voucher and you have slected a 3-bedroom unit. The 2-bedroom Voucher Payment Standard (VPS) will be used.

I have a voucher and want to move to Broward County.  How do I transfer my information to BCHA?

  1. Consult with your current housing counselor to determine the rules for transferring your voucher and determine if you are eligible to transfer.
  2. Decide where in Broward County you want to live. Broward County is served by six housing authorities.
  3. If you know you want to live within our jurisdiction and have consulted with your current housing counselor, your housing authority will send your information to:
    Broward County Housing Authority
    Attention: Supervisor of Intake
    4780 North State Road 7
    Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

    Once papers are received the Intake Department will schedule an appointment.

If I move to Broward County, will the Housing Choice Voucher rules be the same?

Every housing authority has its own rules, policies, and deadlines.  Whenever a voucher is transferred or "ported" from one city to another, utility allowances, rent limits and occupancy standards may be different.

Can I keep my voucher if I want to move to another city in Florida?

Yes, you will need to give your landlord written notice, complete the Transfer form and submit it to your Occupancy Specialist.

Where can I find a list of rentals in Broward County?

A list of rentals may be found on  You will now leave the BCHA website.

When searching for housing, how do I prepare for an appointment with a landlord?

Expect the landlord to ask you questions about:

  1. Rent history
  2. Employment history
  3. Source of income
  4. Credit history

Most landlords ask for references from previous landlords. Be prepared to provide names and phone numbers.

What do I do if the property I am living in goes into foreclosure?

Contact your Occupancy Specialist and provide them with any notices you have received.

Who do I give notice to if I decide to move?

Provide a copy of your notice to vacate to the landlord or property manager and your BCHA Occupancy Specialist.

How do I report household changes (adding a new household member or removing a current household member)?

Within 30 calendar days of the occurrence the family must submit a request to add or remove a family member through the BCHA Interim Change form. All new additions to the family over 18 years of age are subject to a criminal background check and must be approved by the owner and BCHA.

How do I report a change in income?

If you report a decrease in income, your portion of the rent is adjusted on the first day of the month following the month you reported the change.

An increase in income is reported during your annual recertification, with the exception of families who report zero income.  Those families are required to report any increase in income within 30 days.

To report a change, complete an Interim Change Form and submit to your Occupancy Specialist.