Real Estate Development


The need for a reliable inventory of affordable housing exists in every municipality in Broward County.  Many local workers earn slightly less than reasonably needed to enjoy stable, high quality rental housing with responsive management.  Other income constrained families, seniors and persons with disabilities also struggle to meet the challenge.  Real Estate Development assumes responsibility to support communities that strive to meet the housing needs of those local workers, families, and seniors.

Building Better Communities, Inc. operates as a perpetual community improvement company.  Since its inception it has assembled financial and professional resources in order to build, buy, and manage desirable residential living options throughout Broward County.

Because it was founded as a not for profit enterprise dedicated to merging quality with affordability in its housing model, BBC has become a well-regarded, "resident centric" and responsive landlord.  The BBC active living communities scattered across Broward County have created a much needed inventory of properties that would be difficult to replace if lost or privatized at today's market rates.

The population growth and cost of living in South Florida dictates the need to make rental properties available to new members of the community as well as long established members, both looking to rely on management teams that care, in properties that are well maintained.   

BBC as a "values" based enterprise, operates without local or state tax dollars, and addresses local affordable housing deficits  We support Broward County residents eager to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at a price they can afford.

BBC pledges to preserve the assets it has assembled to assure vibrancy and opportunity for the residents in all the communities we serve.