Building Better Communities, Inc.

Building Better Communities, Inc. is perfectly named.  It is a 501(c)(3) with a well-respected track record and tremendous potential.  Incorporated by Broward County Housing Authority (BCHA) in 2001, the primary focus of the nonprofit was on the delivery of resident services at BCHA owned public housing sites in support of tenant efforts to achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency.

Shortly after Building Better Communities, Inc. was established, the broader scarcity of suitable and affordable housing for entry level and traditional lower wage positions across the county became readily apparent.  In response, the nonprofit modeled its direction to concentrate more purposefully on addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Building Better Communities, Inc. became a first responder to the critical need of those with income earning limitations looking to find affordable rental property with responsible management.  Beginning in 2004 with the acquisition of a small rental complex in Dania Beach, the corporation initiated a systematic plan to develop and acquire assets that would appreciate in value while providing sustainable housing at below market rent for the local workforce.

The development of nearly 200 affordable apartments in the All American City of Hollywood, Florida quickly followed.  That property, in contrast to public housing, operates free from government operating subsidies while maintaining rent restrictions that assure continued affordability  The third party management company engaged by Building Better Communities carries forward the important personal action plan model leading toward resident self-sufficiency by offering educational opportunities.  Residents are also able to participate in a down payment rebate assistance program, preparing them for eventual homeownership.

Building Better Communities has now given life to five additional developments, each one tailored to blend well into the neighborhood and community they serve.  It has proudly created positive lifestyle opportunities for families, seniors, and community members with unique situations such as persons aging out of foster care, or government, retail or service sector employees with modest incomes.

Today Building Better Communities divides it housing priorities between development of small neighborhood properties and acquisition and rehabilitation of existing properties.  Both activities provide high quality housing experiences for residents and establish an important long term sustainable asset of affordable housing for municipalities.  Find out more about our affordable communities here.   

Building Better Communities also assumed contracted management responsibility of former public housing sites divested by the Broward County Housing Authority.  Find out more about our multifamily communities here.

Vibrant communities need a reliable workforce; and the workforce needs reliable housing with responsive management.  Building Better Communities is a trusted source to assist communities with affordable housing issues.  The goal is quite simple, to Build Better Communities and be a positive partner to all 31 Broward municipalities.  

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