Related Enterprises

It's what we do, of course.  But who are we?

Building Better Communities, Inc. is the not-for-profit that provides executive oversight to the operations conducted by enterprises listed alphabetically below.

- BBC Homes, Inc.                                                                 
 - Highland Gardens Development, Ltd.                               
- Broward Workforce Communities, Inc.
 - MCCAN Communities, Inc.
- BBC Ehlinger Apartments, Inc.
 - Meyers Parkridge Apartments, LLC
- Crystal Lakes Redevelopment, Ltd.
 - Ocean Drive
- Crystal Lake Townhouses, LLC
 - OP Better Communities, LLC
 - Ehlinger Apartments, Ltd.
 - Reliance Progresso, Ltd.
 - Everglades Heights Apartments, LLC
 - Tallman Pines I, Ltd.
 - Griffin Gardens Apartments, LLC
 - Tallman Pines II, Ltd.
 - Guaranty LLC
 - TP Homes and Communities, Inc.
 - HG Senior Housing, Inc.
 - Twin Oaks
 - Highland Gardens Apartments, LLC
 - Villas of Pompano Beach

In some instances, Building Better Communities, Inc. may contribute cash to those enterprises or procure materials or services like hiring property managers to run the businesses.

The business and banking community readily accept this widely used approach to asset management and planned growth.  Building Better Communities, Inc. is the sole shareholder or the managing member for each listed enterprise.  Each enterprise acts as an independent subsidiary.

    Because much of Building Better Communities work is of a technical nature or takes place in a highly regulated environment, the Broward County Housing Authority (BCHA) is contracted to perform tasks for the enterprises that allows them to benefit from the BCHA expertise.